about managing life at work

Work can mean many things. It can be a job, entrepreneurship, your calling, a business, your studies, or simply a task. Regardless of what work means to you, Managing life at work was founded on a single premise: we can all dramatically increase our success at work if our thoughts and actions are informed by the best available evidence. With that in mind, Managing life at work sets out to share well-researched, consolidated and evidence-based knowledge, practices, and tools that can actually make a difference in how effectively, meaningfully, and healthily you manage your life at work.

How do we do it? We make complex ideas and research about life at work accessible, usable and actionable, so that you can enhance the likelihood of achieving your goals. We develop self-discovery tools so that you can boost the knowledge you have about yourself, identify improvement opportunities, and spark off new thinking processes. We highlight verified practices that can enrich your competence toolkit and actually make a difference in your life at work. In a few words, we are here for everyone interested in having an active role in their life at work.


We are a small and independent team of behavioral scientists, published researchers and authors, writers, consultants, and web developers. We also collaborate with other behavioral scientists, researchers and authors to bring you in-depth, reliable and up-to-date knowledge, tools and practices.

Charles managing life at work


(PhD in Work, Organizational and Human Resources Psychology)

Researcher, tool and program developer, consultant, and writer

Mary managing life at work


(PhD in Management)

Researcher, tool and program developer, and writer

Frances managing life at work


(MSc in Work and Organizational Psychology)

Researcher and writer

Manuel managing life at work


(BA in Psychological Sciences, with a background in web development and design)

Web developer, designer, and illustrator


(No formal degree, just an extensive background in sharing and requesting cuddles)

Requester of long nature walks, creator of laughs and fun moments

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